This Oscar Isaac training video promises unforgettable fight scenes


While we are impatiently waiting for the Moon Knight series to be released, we just discovered a video about its lead actor training. It is impressive !

Oscar Isaac in top form

To say we’re waiting for the Moon Knight series is an understatement given our impatience. While Marvel Studios has successfully demonstrated with WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier that the Marvel Cinematic Universe can produce both ambitious and sophisticated series that can revolutionize its own weapons, the arrival of Moon Knight confirms that we can expect a lot from the MCUs Disney + series.

Especially since, as we told you last October, the title role was given to one of the most famous actors of the past fifteen years: Oscar Isaac. If there was no doubt about the accuracy of his actions (enough to be confident checking out Inside Llewyn Davis of the Coen brothers), some might still doubt his ability to perform adequately. (While he’s previously starred in blockbusters, like in the latest Star Wars trilogy, the actor never really showed his skills in heavily choreographed action scenes.)

However, a video of Oscar Isaac’s training for the role of the Moon Knight should clear any remaining doubts. The video was posted on Instagram by Mad Gene Media (the company founded by Oscar Isaac himself) and shows the actor taking some pretty brutal steps.

Not only does the video confirm the relevance of Oscar Isaac’s cast, it also confirms that the Moon Knight series will feature some absolutely memorable action scenes. As a reminder, Moon Knight is a superhero particularly suited to martial arts. We therefore understand how important it is for the actor to undergo intensive training.

The series is directed by Jeremy Slater, screenwriter of the hit series Umbrella Academy. Currently, the series is slated for 2022, the same year as the Disney + series, which is focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi. Click here to see the results of Ewan McGregor’s impressive training for the role!