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This new train will humiliate the French TGV

China is taking the lead by inaugurating its brand new train on Tuesday, which can cut travel time between major cities in half. For example, the 1,300 kilometers between Beijing and Shanghai can be connected in just two hours.

Magnetic levitation train

The French TGV has something to fear. The huge country, which is 17 times the size of France, inaugurated its own magnetic levitation train with magnetic levitation technology based on German design on Tuesday. Developed by China this time and manufactured in the city of Qingdao, it will be twice as fast as our TGV at its commercial speed of 320 km / h. The aim is therefore to drastically reduce the noise pollution caused by friction between the wheels and the rails on a standard train, but also and above all to save a lot of time.

In fact, maglev technology allows the train to hover over a central rail and move without friction or contact. The promised cruising speed of 600 km / h is intended to close a gap between conventional high-speed trains that travel between 300 and a maximum of 350 km / h and aircraft that fly between 800 and 900 km / h. The huge Chinese territory is thus filled by a reinforced transport network.

Not entirely new technology

Even if this technological masterpiece appears like something out of a science fiction work, Germany and Japan are the pioneers. The idea originated in Germany as early as 1930, but in 1960 work on a Transrapid was resumed before it was finally abandoned around the world in 1999. It connects downtown Shanghai with Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

According to the Chinese authorities, this train saves a considerable amount of time for travelers, but also for commercial traffic. While the connection between Beijing and Shanghai takes three hours, with a conventional high-speed train more than five hours, magnetic levitation technology will more than double travel time and drastically reduce noise pollution.

Even though the world record was set by our French TGV at 574.8 km / h, it is good to remember that it never goes below 400 km / h and that the train inaugurated by China goes at 600 km / h at commercial speed will drive.

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