This new streamer breaks down in tears in front of its first viewers, the moving video

Streaming has become more democratic in the last few years. Many aspiring videographers are adopting streaming platforms, including Twitch, to try to share their adventures and make a name for themselves. Such is the case with this new streamer who will have burst into tears in front of its first few viewers after an hour of streaming in front of anyone.

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Although Twitch is known for its big names, a multitude of videographers only see a few viewers live. Beginnings that can sometimes last for several years. Such is the case with NickCKelly, a young streamer who recently got to interact with his first viewers. After almost an hour of living in front of anyone, the first viewers have finally come out and brought to life a touching reaction from a streamer who only wants one thing: to share his story.

Wholesome streamer gets emotional after reaching his first viewers in an hour. by r / LivestreamFail

Before this first viewer, NickCKelly will be overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears. His reaction will have shaped the viewer in question so much that he shared it on Reddit and offered him good visibility in the process. He takes the opportunity to give this virtual exchange a little context:

“A couple of friends and I had scrolled Twitch and found this guy. We were intrigued by the title of his stream, so we decided to stop by. He was delighted to be there and told us why he was so moved. I just want to help people by sharing their experiences and thoughts. At first we thought he was lagging behind so we had a little fun not thinking about it. But during our conversation we realized that he was sincere and had a heavy heart. We decided to post this here in hopes that he will get better known because he really wants to get a message out and help people. “

A message that the streamer in question was able to see before thanking them via the post’s comments section:

“It’s me. I’m speechless. I just want to thank you for everything.

The author of this post contacted me to explain everything and to tell me that initially he wasn’t sure about my story and that I have nothing to show but respect for him and his friends that there are good people in this world.

I won’t let you down I want to prove to people that there is goodness in this world and that we are capable of more than most people think. I think there is so much pain and suffering in the world right now. Even helping one person can make a difference.

I thank you all for your support. They inspire me even more to change something. Whenever someone needs to speak, I am always here to listen to your anger.

I like you. You’re changing my life and I promise I’ll give it back to you. “

NickCKelly continued her story on Reddit. Although the streamer did not go into detail, the streamer explains that his life was not an easy one. Problems that sometimes took the form of harassment in school and high school. Despite his problems, NickCKelly is glad to have had a great support group to get him through these troubles. The videographer now wants to return the favor by embodying unwavering support for those who choose. After being featured on Reddit, NickCKelly is the proud owner of a Twitch channel with a little over 12,100 followers.

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