This new MCU hero is even stronger than Thanos


The Eternals movie is already getting a lot of talk around the world a few months before it hits theaters. By the time we’re longing to see this new little nugget (at least we hope so) from the MCU, we must already take stock of the amazing power of one of the members of the Eternals group. Indeed, the latter deserves our full attention for the rest of events, as it is so powerful that it alone could have defeated the great Thanos.

The Eternal Film

The Eternals movie will introduce us to a race of superman, immortal beings with cosmic power who have lived on our earth for thousands of years. They were created by the Heavenly, even more powerful beings. The Eternals managed to keep their existence in humanity a secret, but that secrecy could be undermined by the events we can see in the movie The Eternals, which we will let you watch the trailer of when they don’t is still done.

Indeed, the Eternals should be made to fight the deviants who, in the Marvel Comics, are the result of an experiment on Heavenly Earth. Most notably, Gilgamesh, one of the ten confirmed members of the film, is among the Eternals who are asked to rise up against them.

The most powerful member of the Eternals

Gilgamesh is played by actor Ma Dong-seok (known to Western audiences as Don Lee) in The Eternals.

This particular member of the Eternals could quickly join the pantheon of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Currently, Scarlet Witch is the character widely considered to be the most powerful in the MCU, but that ranking could be shaken after The Eternals’ release. Two characters do indeed stand out and they are Sersi and Gilgamesh. Let’s focus on the latter in particular, as he could be the most powerful character in the group. First of all, he is the character who has the greatest physical strength of all Eternals.

Gilgamesh maintains a special relationship with his companions, as he has made it a habit to break the rules of his people in order to involve more than just common sense in people’s affairs. For this reason he was once banished by his leader, Zuras. His status as an outcast led to his being called “The Forgotten”. In time, Gilgamesh returned to the Eternal Group, but some of his companions still hold grudges against him for his past actions.

Gilgamesh versus Thanos

With the first elements in our possession relating to the movie The Eternals, for now we can say that Marvel has stayed true to the characteristics of the characters as portrayed in the comics. However, if the film retains all the powers of the forgotten, we must prepare to attend a show worthy of the name.

In the comics, Gilgamesh’s strength is compared to that of Thor and Hercules (Gilgamesh, just like Thor, can lift over 100 tons). In addition to this incredible strength, Gilgamesh possesses powers that Thor does not, as he has in his possession all the powers inherent in the race of the Eternals. Gilgamesh is immortal, disease resistant, and can also project powerful rays of cosmic energy through his eyes and hands.

He also has the ability to manipulate matter, which allows him to drop his opponents in the middle of combat. In addition to these elements that make it possible to say that the Forgotten is extremely strong on attack, he also has exceptional defense as he is endowed with exceptional resistance. In the comics, Gilgamesh also manages to avoid being hit by Mjolnir, a testament to his great fighting ability. With all of these elements stacked, there is a chance that the character will withstand Thanos in a duel, or even defeat him. After all, a character who can finish Thanos on his own isn’t entirely unthinkable, as Scarlet Witch almost defeated him himself in Endgame.

Why didn’t Gilgamesh intervene against Thanos?

If the Forgotten is as strong as we say it is, we may wonder why he didn’t intervene when Thanos tried to fight the Avengers. The answer certainly lies in the story of the Eternals as presented to us in the comics: they must stay as far away from human affairs as possible. Indeed, in order to appease the Heavenly Ones, the Eternals have always followed a policy of noninterference, and Gilgamesh paid the price once. It is likely that the latter did not want to be banished from the group again after trying to interfere in people’s affairs.

Given that Gilgamesh never acted in solidarity with other members of the Eternal, the question remains. It may well be that his absence from the battlefield wasn’t his fault. Could he have been held elsewhere? Should it contain another threat? In the comics, Gilgamesh had to live in a safe area of ​​the city of Olympia for the entire duration of his exile. It could very well be that he was imprisoned there during the battle between the Avengers and Thanos. If so, we will surely find out in the movie The Eternals, which takes place on November 5, 2021.

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