This new manga is the perfect mix between Dragon Ball Super and Soul Eater


Perhaps you are just looking for a new manga to put in your mouth. If you like Soul Eater and Dragon Ball Super, we definitely have something in store for you to enjoy. We present you this brand new manga that is already being talked about a lot internationally.

The perfect mix of Soul Eater and Super Dragon Ball

The brand new manga to be released, the perfect blend between Soul Eater and Dragon Ball Super, is none other than Battle of the Six Realms by manga artist Serina Oda. His summary? In a world where mankind has sought refuge underground to survive, En (this is the hero’s first name) is a poor boy who lives on the garbage of those more privileged than him.

He spends his days wandering the slums looking for the decaying bodies of the “losers” who were defeated and killed in the “Battle of the Six Kingdoms” in heaps of rubbish. In order to participate, fighters must undergo an expensive body modification. In the meantime, En restores these changes to the victims’ bodies and resells them. That’s how he survives. What are these changes like? Well, these are machines, parts or weapons that are attached to the bodies of the victims and greatly improve their fighting skills. En has little interest in the tournament and its champion (unlike everyone else) and strives for a simple and comfortable life. But one day a chance encounter with a mysterious man shakes his view of reality and puts him on a completely different, much darker path.

We know what you’re thinking. “But the plot of this manga has absolutely nothing to do with Soul Eater, and even less with Dragon Ball Super!” However, the similarities are not in the script, but in certain details that are not misleading.

The Manga Battle of the Six Realms and Elements that are strongly reminiscent of Soul Eaters and Dragon Ball Super

Through a body modification operation, the tournament participants release a special ability that obscenely deforms their body. To give you a specific example, a character has the intersecting sickles of worshipers, but not at the level of their arms (that would be too easy), at the level of their feet. This manifestation is often similar to Soul Eater’s demonic weapon transformations.

In, the main character, will be confronted with a specific character within the tournament, and the two will forge a relationship that is exactly the one that Vegeta (who recently passed a new course with his divine power) and Cabe in the Tournament of Power (or “Tournament of the Fittest”) in Dragon Ball Super. Indeed, in the tournament of the Battle of the Six Kingdoms, a mysterious character is intrigued by En. The mysterious man feels an immense energy emanating from the new child and he will help at all costs, even if it affects his chances of winning this tournament. This relationship reminds us a lot of what was said during the fight between Vegeta and Cabe. While his universe is threatened if he loses, Vegeta will try to help his opponent and will almost lose by pushing him to transform.

We haven’t had a chance to read more about the new manga Battle of the Six Realms, but the first few chapters definitely make us think, thanks to this kind of detail, that it will be hugely popular with those who were fans of Soul Eater (thanks to the body modifications) and those who are fans of Dragon Ball Super (with the relationships that the characters form between them). Are you planning to get it when it becomes available or are you reading in the future? Don’t hesitate to give us feedback in the comments section or answer our survey!