This new hit series will train your brain

Amazon Prime got their hands on the Invincible series after hit series The Boys, but Netflix has more than one thing up its sleeve and plans to continue to be the hottest streaming platform. A lot has been said about social networks recently in a new row of the platform, and the main topic is the game of chess. “Deja vu” you could say, but not quite the way Scott Frank and Allan Scott made this short series. We’ll tell you more about the Netflix series that will train your brain right away.

The current hit series on Netflix

The Lady’s Game is certainly THE Netflix series of the moment. What is the summary of this series? The story takes place in the middle of the Cold War. Elizabeth Harmon, orphaned by a collision on New Circle Road, sees her future turned upside down. The young girl quickly learns the world of chess thanks to Mr. Shaibel, the gruff concierge of the orphanage where she is housed. Elizabeth says that “Beth” quickly becomes passionate about the game and reveals that she has a real gift for the subject. Lonliness? Beth countered her with her talent for chess. “I like to be alone, it’s a whole universe that can be found in 64 boxes,” she said.

But is that really the reality? Beth has something of a genius, but she can go crazy anytime. Simultaneously with the failures, the young girl discovered the librium, an anxiolytic for which she will develop a severe dependence. Several dependencies will keep you in a world in which unfortunately not everything is subject to the laws of chess. With her amazing logical mind, Beth has enough to reverse the prejudices we had then about the fairer sex. However, his independence and addiction will not always go unnoticed. Beth is building her legend and has to find herself if she wants to win the tournament where everyone is waiting around the corner.

Why do you let yourself be seduced by this series?

First, Anya Taylor-Joy’s acting is remarkable. The appearance of the young actress has already gone down in legend. We read in it both vulnerability and a transcendent power and anger that is ultimately not very hidden. Then, as mentioned, we think a lot about the place of women in society (during the Cold War, of course, but also now). A couple of lines hit the mark like this:

The Kentucky chess world was caught off guard this weekend by a game by a young girl who triumphed over die-hard players and won the Kentucky Championship. Elizabeth Harmon, a student at Fairfield High School, showed a championship that no woman could beat.

Finally, we have to underline the beautiful staging by Scott Frank, who has had success with these seven episodes written in collaboration with Allan Scott. It’s easy to notice that as Beth grows up and becomes a woman of character, the colors lighten up. Carlos Rafael Rivera’s compositions also capture the mood of each character and scene, which is a real plus for such a short series. We can bring up some rhythm issues at times, and the fact that the Cold War story eventually seems pretty undeveloped, but that wasn’t the subject after all, and those few little comments in no way detract from the joy we need to discover The Game of the Lady.

Internet users talk about it

Internet users have not missed this cleverly dosed new Netflix series and made it clear. Here are some serious or humorous tweets that perfectly illustrate what those who devoured them think:

The punch ! It had been a long time since I had such strong emotions before a series. Script, director, actress, music: everything is perfect! I recommend it to you !!! #LeJeudelaDame @NetflixFR

October 31, 2020

To contain it, I suggest “The Queen’s Game” or “The Queen’s Game” in the language of Cardi B on @NetflixFR. This miniseries is a bit of a miracle (including an unrecognizable Dudley Dursley) pic.twitter .com / FZujlBYsCb

November 2, 2020

solid actors, decent staging (without being overly stylized), well-made script and hypnotic eyes from Anya Taylor-Joy: I didn’t expect anything from “The Lady’s Game”, and it’s the good surprise series it comes from at @ NetflixFR what makes you want to jump into u265f

3rd November 2020

Well I just finished The Lady’s Game on Netflix, it was fascinating from start to finish, an incredible series that I recommend to everyone, even those who don’t understand chess and I am one of them!
Just sad it’s over and now I want to care about mistakes.

October 31, 2020

To be like crazy in front of the Queen’s Gambit
– I don’t understand anything about chess
– I understand NOTHING about chess
– ME. born. understand. Nothing. to the. Error

October 27, 2020

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