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This new generation QNED 100Hz TV benefits from a reduction of 520 euros

Although 4K has become the standard, brands continue to innovate and LG has launched QNED MiniLED technology. If you want to take the plunge today, the LG 65QNED91 model is currently on sale with a very big discount of 520 euros.

LG 65QNED91: New technology for an even more beautiful picture

LG is an innovative brand and can be seen with their televisions. The 65QNED91 model uses the new QNED MiniLED technology and has a diagonal of 65 inches or about 164 cm. The panel offers 4K UHD resolution compatible with HDR10+, so you have great contrast with deep blacks and very good brightness.

The QNED technology is a mixture of Quantum Dot, NanoCell and MiniLED. The result is simply stunning, you get an image with excellent color reproduction.

This QNED TV will satisfy demanding gamers as it can display a 4K image at 120fps through its HDMI 2.1 port. Fluidity is enhanced by compatibility with FreeSync Premium technology, which synchronizes the panel with the PC’s graphics card, preventing jumping and tearing of images throughout the game.

Like all latest-generation televisions, it has its own operating system that can be used to install applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube and many others. The icing on the cake, it works with Google Assistant.

For the price, instead of 1990 euros, it is 1469 euros, a hot offer that should not be missed. If you want a gaming screen, we also have a good deal on a ViewSonic model.

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