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this new channel that will interest movie fans

The Canal+ group is preparing to release a brand new channel for its subscribers. This new channel, entitled Canal+ Grand Ecran, will be available from February to all the group’s subscribers, whatever their subscription level. This channel is aimed at movie fans and consists only of current or old movies. The broadcaster promises a catalog with several hundred unforgettable feature films from the past 40 years.

Canal+: The group is growing

At this point, Canal + is resolutely trying to expand its influence in the world of television. The group wants to be the No. 1 cinema on the market again and is implementing many new features to do so. A few weeks ago, Canal + made a huge deal with the French film industry. In fact, the channel has the right to broadcast all French cinema just six months after its theatrical release. A first in the history of French television.

Now Canal+ has just announced the launch of a brand new channel. Called Canal+ Grand Ecran, it will be available to all first-tier subscribers from February 8th. As the name suggests, it will be entirely dedicated to the seventh art and will offer 400 to 600 films per year, airing on the channel at fixed times but also available directly on demand.

A stunning catalogue

Canal+ speaks of “iconic, essential films that you must see in your life and that are aimed at the widest possible number”. Without getting too specific, the station promises top-class cinema, whether popular classics or masterpieces of the 7th art. The group also indicate that Canal+ Grand Ecran will present films dating back to the 1980s. 300 exclusive films are broadcast every year.

The opening night on February 8 features two classics of French cinema: La Môme and The Artist. The following weekend is dedicated to the Godfather trilogy. Canal+ will even use the launch of its new channel to broadcast exclusively Francis Ford Coppola’s Director’s Cut: The Godfather 3 Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone. Other great classics like Gangs of New York, Black Swan, The Spanish Inn, The King’s Speech, Minesweepers, Basic Instinct or The 8 Bastards were also teased. Holy program.


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