This new Captain America armor is one of the most powerful ever created


If you’re a fan of Captain America, you’ve no doubt followed the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. Sam Wilson’s looks in the last episode won us over, and we know armor in the comics or in the MCU is a topic that appeals to everyone. Armor sometimes allows you to add skills to a character and make them go down a completely different path than what they’re used to. As agreed, here is Captain America’s latest armor that is extremely powerful.

Warning: this article has loot related to the Marvels # 1 comics. If you don’t want to read it, don’t read any further.

the comics the wonders # 1

We travel from the 1940s to the present day in The Marvels # 1 comics, which released April 28, 2021 and which we owe to Kurt Busiek, Yildiray Cinar, Richard Isanova, and Alex Ross. During one event today, Captain America is aboard a Wakanda spaceship, preparing for deployment over the earth. However, it is not an easy exercise, even for Captain America, to prepare to jump into Earth’s atmosphere at breakneck speed.

Steve Rogers therefore planned his trip by enlisting the help of Iron Man who, as we know, has a very great history in armor making. We previously told you about one of his strongest armor, made to defeat Thor. Thanks to Iron Man, the very last Marvel comic book includes Captain America’s new armor (jointly developed by Iron Man and Doctor Strange), and the least we can say is that this armor is extremely powerful.

Captain America’s new armor

The armor created by Iron Man and Doctor Strange comes into the possession of Cap, and thanks to the latter, Captain America jumps off his ship. This armor then prevents it from burning in the atmosphere even when it reaches its maximum speed.

If Cap ‘jumps right there, the plans of Lady Lotus, who created a huge magical dome over the Republic of Siancong, are said to be foiled. Thanks to a magical upgrade by Doctor Strange on the arm of this new armor, Captain America manages to pass (and break) this dome. As soon as Captain America passes this magical dome, his new armor is detached from his body and a glider is deployed.

This armor represents a first and is the result of real teamwork, as Iron Man and Doctor Strange made it a habit to confront their intelligence in the comics in order to satisfy their ego. This armor is the latest to be introduced in the comics, but it is nowhere near the only one that has been appreciated by readers. Captain America actually had a whole collection!

Captain America’s other armor in the comics

Captain America had armor in previous comics (and Secret Empire # 9 and Secret Empire # 10 in particular) that featured readers and is about the famous Civil Warrior Armor. This armor became very popular with fans thanks to the Marvel Contest of Champions game:

As a civil warrior, Captain America wears Stark Tech armor and vows to stop futile future conflicts. # Cap75

July 1, 2016

This armor was built in the comics by Steve Rogers after the death of his friend and rival Tony Stark (who lost his life in the final battle of the Civil War). This armor combines pieces of various prototypes of armor that Steve found in Tony Stark’s laboratory. Steve Rogers uses this armor to pay homage to his missing friend, but also for his incredible improvements.

In recalling the memorable armor of Captain America, we must also quote those we discover in the comics Captain America # 438. This is the Captain America exoskeleton that you can see below:

When Captain America was crippled in the comics by his super-soldier serum-induced illness, Tony Stark provided him with this exoskeleton that enabled Cap ‘to continue his crime fight. To take full advantage of this new armor, Rogers had sensors implanted in his body. The armor also contained special covers, sturgeon rays that made the enemies dizzy, and four miniature missiles.

Captain America is therefore not his first attempt to try on a new armor! And you, on your side, what was his armor that shaped you the most? We look forward to your feedback in the comment section!