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This mythical role-playing place takes on a completely different form according to this new theory

A decade and two reboots later, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can still boast of being one of the best RPGs out there. With its vast open world, iconic tirades, and mythical locations, Skyrim defined its era. With a sequel looming on the horizon, one player has just theorized that this iconic location would have taken a very different form in the past.

a mythical place

In Skyrim, the player is guided to travel the land of Skyrim to save the souls of its inhabitants. The evil Alduin is on the hunt and intends to ruin the plans of the humans and other local races to become the world’s most powerful creature. But of course, the return of the legendary dragon is hampered by the presence of the dragon child, a being who can speak the draconic language and therefore has great powers.

And in this adventure signed by Bethesda, the player will travel throughout Skyrim, multiplying incursions into ruins, castles, caves or even frozen plains and dense forests. Varied biomes while remaining within the cold theme of their region. During the course of the main quest, which can be avoided for very long hours, however, the player is led to a mythical place: the hill of Tormented Falls.

And if this hill is so famous, it’s because it’s the first dungeon of the main quest. It is here that the Dovahkiin must go at the request of Farengar Secretfire, the mage of Whiterun. In the last room of this hill he must find the dragon stone and bring it back to its destination. A place particularly explored by players, whether experienced or new. And for some unclear reason, one player shared his theory that places in the past would look very different. According to the netizen known as WarmSlush, Tormented Falls Mound once had a roof. Accompanying his theory, the player in question shared a sketch.

A simple theory that has found its audience. And with good reason, many Internet users share this opinion. In Skyrim, mounds are Norse tombs. Because of this, the enemies you face there are draugr, awakened men of the north. In Skyrim, hills take different forms. Some look like huge ruins like the Tormented Falls mound, others are found in the form of small megalithic mounds made up of large rocks. Anyway, a mod should allow us to find Tormented Falls hilltop soon with a roof, enough to drastically change the aesthetics of the place.


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