This museum in Porto will make an exhibition to tell the story of Covid-19

This museum in Porto will make an exhibition to tell the story of Covid-19

The Museum of Natural History and Science has already started collecting objects and cataloging them for this purpose.

Masks, visors and more.

The Porto Natural History and Science Museum will host an exhibition with items related to Covid-19. The aim is to tell the story of the pandemic and the objects are already being collected and cataloged for this to happen. There is currently no prediction of when it may be open to the public.

“As memory-preserving professionals, curators around the world immediately felt the impulse to create collections that mark the moment and tell that story. And it was no different in Portugal, ”explains Rita Gaspar, curator of the archeology, ethnography and biological anthropology collections cited here by

The collection that is created brings together personal protective equipment, such as is the case with cloth masks intended for the deaf or with visors developed by 3D printers.

“It’s important to keep this memory, by going from the home-made social masks to the swab company that converted their production to swabs in record time and in collaboration with the academy, or the research center that developed the rapid tests, record.” , be continued.

Vaccines and ventilators are another item they would like to collect to be part of this exhibit. Rita Gaspar reveals that there has been a natural collection of this type of material around the world, but also of children’s drawings, for example, as this is a time that will go down in history.

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