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This MCU star is desperate to play a young version of Luke Skywalker

The MCU is full of talented actors just begging to headline. However, some see a little beyond the Marvel Universe and would like to star in other successful franchises. There is only one step between superheroes and jedis… Especially since the two universes were bought by Disney! Also, this actor wants to take that step and play Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga.

Exchange your hero outfit for a lightsaber

Surely you know Sebastian Stan. Since 2011 and the movie “Captain America: First Avengers” the actor has played Bucky Barnes, better known as “Winter Soldier” in the Marvel Universe. Recently, the character was made the focus of his own series in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which airs on Disney+. But Sebastian Stan is a talented actor who won’t settle for just one role. He also recently promoted Pam & Tommy, a miniseries available on the streaming platform on February 2nd.

During an interview with Esquire, Sebastian Stan was asked about his desire to return to the role of Luke Skywalker. This isn’t the first time the actor has been asked about it, as many Star Wars fans see Sebastian Stan a lot like Mark Hamill, the comedian who currently lends his features to the character.

Knighted by Mark Hamill!

Sebastian Stan seems far from reluctant to reprise the role. But on the contrary! For a number of years, the actor has stated that he’s keen to play a young version of Luke Skywalker. During the interview he says:

Never say Never. Mark Hamill is my father, you know, and he knows it. I call him every Christmas to say, “I just want you to know I’m here.”

On several occasions, Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan have referred to each other as “father” and “son” in interviews and various messages exchanged on social media. That’s saying a lot… Especially since Mark Hamill has already stated that he wasn’t reluctant to give up his spot to the actor. In another interview, Luke Skywalker’s interpreter said:

He’s an incredible actor. He’s savvy enough to fend for himself. I don’t want to weigh my weight on the scale because it’s not my role. It’s Disney and Lucasfilm. I don’t want to prevent other potential Lukes from popping up, but I’d really like to play with Sebastian Stan.

If that doesn’t tell us if Sebastian Stan really should take the role, we can see that the actor was dubbed by Luke Skywalker’s original interpreter. Without an official announcement from Disney or Lucasfilm, we can only settle for simple speculation. However, if Luke Skywalker did return, a safe bet would be that it would be in a younger version, with why not Sebastian Stan as the actor. If you love Star Wars, check out these five facts about Master Yoda that only true fans will know.


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