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This longed for character will transpire and be playable

This Wednesday July 21st, Genshin Impact welcomed its Update 2.0. A huge update full of content that brings players away from the invisible region of Inazuma. The electro nation of this gacha will keep these bigger players busy for the next several months. And after 2.0, there will be 2.1, a version of the game that has already been leaked and, on the side, reveals the arrival of a much sought-after character.

playable from 2.1?

While the majority of gamers are currently enjoying Genshin Impact 2.0, a few lucky ones can check out the sequel. The 2.1 test servers are slowly opening their doors, the opportunity for the first leaks. And at first glance, one of the most popular characters will ever be playable. This emblematic character of Inazuma plays a paramount role in 2.0 and his presence in the latter’s official trailer has been the source of some hot spots. And for good reason, the character in question is none other than the Shogun Raiden, the “undisputed ruler of Inazuma”.

According to the latest leaks, the Shogun Raiden is one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact Update 2.1. Once the Ayaka and Yoimiya banners are ready, the Shogun banner should appear. Information should of course be treated with caution, because it is not because a character is available on the test servers that it will be available quickly, the proof is with Ayaka, discovered in the test phases before leaving the game.

It turned out that my information about Baal was wrong. Seems like it’s in version 2.1.

Sorry for providing incorrect information

At least Kokomi was right. Please enjoy Baal when she arrives. You will see previews of her in beta # # #Inazuma #GenshinImapct pic.twitter.com/BqvLkGPRq3

July 22, 2021

To bring some truth into this leak, miHoYo hasn’t failed to formalize several characters through its official accounts, including the Shogun Raiden. Among the characters we also find Kujou Sara, the general of the administrative commission, and Sangonomiya Kokomi, a cautious strategist who is close to home. 4 and 5 star characters should write the next banners next to the Shogun Raiden. On the weapon side, Keqing’s weapon, known as Heartseeker or Star Seeker, will be the free 4-star weapon in the next update.

In addition, Genshin Impact 2.1 is expected to add a new island to the Inazuma region as well. Attractive additions that are not expected to arrive in the coming weeks. And for good reason, according to the leakers, the 2.1 would not be a small ordinary update. To be honest, Genshin Impact shouldn’t settle for an update filler (content to extend life without pushing the main storyline) until 2022. The players can therefore expect interesting content.

a collaboration between Playstation and Genshin Impact

In addition to the presentations of the various important characters of the Inazuma region, the miHoYo studio announced some tantalizing news for the Genshin Impact players: an unexpected collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn. In view of the upcoming release of Horizon Forbidden West, the heroine of the franchise, the sulphurous Aloy, will be taking a little tour of Teyvat. For the first time in its history, Genshin Impact is offering all players a 5-star character.

“Everything I do is for life, not death! That’s why I’m here with you. ”

Salvator from another world
Nora hunter
Nora Fortis #GenshinImpact pic.twitter.com/Ijld9r9es1

July 22, 2021

Nevertheless, some requirements stand out. This means that “all travelers with an adventure level greater than or equal to 20 can receive the 5-star character” Aloy · Salvatrice from another world (Cryo) “via in-game messaging”. Great news for gacha players who can get their hands on a 5-star character for free. A partnership that opens the door to a large number of other collaborations. High quality content that should appeal to this game that continues to grow its player base.


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