This little girl terrorized her friends with her morbid costume

Despite the coronavirus crisis, Halloween 2020 could be celebrated in many countries. After introducing you to the new creation of the Neil Patrick Harris family or the best costumes of the stars, today we present you the morbid costume of a little Taiwanese girl. She wins the most successful costume award after terrorizing her friends.

A terrible and terribly ingenious costume

For Halloween 2020, Stoprain Wang’s daughter has decided to dress up as a headless woman. A very successful creation that the father shared on social networks. The little girl wears a headless dress that gives the impression of holding her head in her hands. It is difficult to collect the candies with your hands, but parents have thought of everything, and the hole in the place of the head is actually an opening to place the various collected candies. A sick and creepy costume that we want you to discover immediately.

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