Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby, Iron Man is one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes. Tony Stark may be the most impressive character development character in the universe, but he hasn’t yet learned his biggest lesson from the MCU.

Great character development

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark has grown from a billionaire playboy and arms dealer who didn’t think twice about the deadly effects of his actions, to a man profoundly changed by guilt. Several memorable moments from the MCU defined this change.

Among them is the episode in which a mother blames him for the death of her son after the Avengers battle Ultron. Stark also shares an immense debt with his protégé Peter Parker, who was wiped out by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The trauma and guilt he felt even caused him to quit the Avengers.

There were many other moments that brought about this character change in Iron Man and made him a better man. But Tony Stark eventually shook off that guilt in the MCU by understanding an extremely important lesson.

A very selfish sense of guilt

But it seems he hasn’t learned that big lesson from the comics yet because he always blames himself for things he can’t control. In a new preview of Iron Man # 11, Tony Stark, stuck all alone on a mysterious planet far from Earth, chats with a demonstration of Hellcat.

Tony reveals to her that he was taking more morphine and taking medication to relieve the pain. Hellcat tells him he won’t have to face things alone and teaches him that his team will take on Korvac without him. Stark begs Hellcat to wait for him, claiming that the team’s death was entirely his fault and that he couldn’t live with her death on his conscience.

Hellcat is tough on Iron Man and tells him he can’t blame everything. In fact, by this reaction he deprives everyone of choice, free will and, in a way, infantilizes the members of his team.

As long as Iron Man continues to feel guilty about decisions he cannot control, he has not learned his greatest lesson. Plus, Korvac could kill millions of people waiting to find and rescue Stark before attacking. Hellcat, War Machine, Misty Knight, Ben Reilly and the other heroes may not be leaders, but they are heroes themselves and Tony has to let them try to save the day.

Iron Man # 11 will hit comic book stores later this week. Iron Man is a comic book by Christophe Cantwell, drawn by Angel Unzueta and colored by Frank d’Armata, the first issue of which was published on March 30th. If this article has interested you, you will surely love to find out why Iron Man destroyed the most powerful armor he has ever created.