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This legendary tool will delight the biggest gamers

For more than 25 years, Pokémon has enchanted the lives of millions of players around the world. The versions follow one another, supported by the release of films and series, in which Sacha and his trusty Pikachu travel the world through new adventures. Some have been immersed in this universe from the beginning and therefore know all the tricks. In order to increase the difficulty of the games, one player has created a tool that should delight the biggest gamers.

the difficulty escalates quickly

For a number of years, players have complained about the lack of difficulty in Pokémon. The progression is too easy, allowing the trainer to gain too much experience before accessing the final challenges. In addition, the opposing coaches find it difficult to present a real challenge. Fights that often boil down to direct attacks with no strategy, when only the level difference can pose a real challenge. But then again, the accumulation of experience is such that unless the trainer ran straight to the Pokémon League to finish the game as soon as possible, this scenario is unlikely.

To spice up this adventure, one player came up with a system of difficulty levels. Each level would thus affect the levels of opposing Pokémon, catch rates, or the strategy used in battle. A significant addition that would add a little spice to these games whose difficulty is difficult to convince. To vary the pleasures, some players have taken the direction of the “randomizer”, which allows to randomly change certain truths such as the types of Pokémon, their abilities or even the wild Pokémon encountered in the tall grass.

Playing Pokémon this way allows you to face unique situations and embark on an adventure with a Machoc or even a Water Lily. But big players sometimes want to go further. To satisfy them, the YouTuber and pillar of the Pokémon scene on YouTube has created a tool to randomly mod the entire Pokémon Platinum card. Note that Pokémon Emerald is also compatible.

Featured both on Reddit and in a YouTube video posted on the PointCrow channel, this tool will spice up any adventure like never before. So, as the video above explains visually, entering a Poké Store randomly transports the player to a different location in the Pokémon version. As a result, this version may be particularly difficult or relatively quick to complete. Worth mentioning are the important paths that lead to badges, members of the Council of 4 or even the champion of the league.

Finally, this tool can also be used in other versions of Pokémon. A field randomizer that you can find here. This tool, called PointCrow Universal Map Randomizer, was developed by AtSign, XLuma and Turtleisaac. Note that in order to use the random number generators, you need to go through an emulated version of Pokemon.


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