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This is why Shang-Chi is the most hated character of all

Shang-Chi is one of the MCU Phase 4 films that fans are looking forward to with Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film will introduce the very first Asian superhero to the MCU. However, he is already the most hated superhero of all. We explain why.

Enemies among his friends

The pandemic affected Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings was planned for May 2021. After all, it is expected in France next month. After Black Widow hopped back on the set just before Avengers: Infinity War, the film struggles to wow the crowd. If we have to wait a little longer until we find films that are completely immersed in the multiverse, such as Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness or Spider-Man: No Way Home planned for the end of the year, the plot of Shang Chi will be one introduce new side of Marvel. But even before its release, we learn that Shang-Chi is already hated.

In fact, he makes enemies more and more in the comics and is hated by almost everyone. In particular, there are more and more enemies. He faces his greatest threat in the latest comic, Shang-Chi vs the Marvel Universe # 3.

Head of the Five Arms Society

In the current comic book continuity, Shang-Chi was recently promoted to Supreme Leader of the Five Weapons Society, replacing his father. This secret criminal organization is made up of assassins made up of five houses, each one dedicated to a weapon. Shang-Chi, an evil organization, nevertheless decided to reform it and repair his father’s misdeeds. But it has been ingrained in traditions for centuries that many members seek to preserve. It is therefore difficult to disrupt the codes to make a useful business out of them.

In addition, the superhero has already faced Spider-Man and Captain America. He also fought Wolverine, he’s an enemy in the Five Weapons Society. Logan came mainly to bring Zhilan, a member of Shang-Chi’s family, to Krakoa Island. Shang-Chi’s sister Shi-Hua is very hostile to mutants as she follows to the letter her father’s words that they have the potential to become the most devastating colonial power the world has ever seen. She also learns that Zhilan is a mutant and that Wolverine has come to bring her to safety in this mutant haven. When his brother finally saves Logan from certain death, Shi-Hua is also filled with hatred towards his brother.

Because of this, the Marvel Universe has little faith in Shang-Chi. Also, if you’re the top leader of a secret criminal organization, it’s obvious that the other characters are suspicious, even if you want to reform them. On the other hand, his traditional relatives, such as mutants, who are hostile to a certain aspect of life, do not make his life any easier.

Shang-Chi has powerful friends, but their respect is not unconditional and he could be in danger if he continues to disregard tradition. In the end, he is surrounded by enemies on all sides. We do not yet know how and, above all, whether the film will take up this controversial aspect of Shang-Chi in the future feature film dedicated to him.

Shang-Chi will hit theaters in France in early September.


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