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This is the most surreal and spectacular Netflix documentary that almost no one has seen

This is the most surreal and spectacular Netflix documentary that almost no one has seen

It tells the story of three twin brothers who only discovered at the age of 19 that the others existed. There was a conspiracy behind it.

It’s called “Three Identical Strangers” and made its debut in the United States of America in 2018, where the story was already known. But it didn’t arrive in Portugal via Netflix until the last few days of March. The streaming platform made no announcement, so it is very likely that almost no one noticed.

This one-hour, 36-minute documentary by Tim Wardle tells a real, totally unbelievable story that begins in 1980. Bobby Shafran was a 19-year-old boy who had just come to his state university from New York for the first time.

Though excited about the change, he soon found strange the bizarre behavior of some people, other college students, who greeted him as if they knew him – some even in an intimate way.

They called him Eddy and Bobby was completely surprised by what happened. When he got to his dorm room, another boy appeared and looked at him in utter amazement. She asked him if he was an adopted son and if he was born on July 12, 1961. Both answers were correct.

Next, this boy changed Bobby’s life. It showed him that he certainly had a lost twin brother. His name was Eddy Garland, and he had entered this college a year ago – he was one of this boy’s best friends. Bobby and Eddy answered quickly on a phone booth, and that same night Bobby drove the car more than 100 kilometers to Eddy’s house, where they met.

They were actually identical twins. Aside from differences in weight, they were completely the same – they even used their hair the same way. The photos taken that night that appear in the documentary are surreal. Blinded by what they had just discovered, the brothers, who had never met or knew of their existence, accepted and hugged as if they were best friends of all time.

The story reached the local newspapers. After a while, another 19-year-old boy, who was an adopted son and was born on July 12, 1961 and also lives in New York State, David Kellman, saw two boys like you on the cover of a newspaper.

He got the phone contact from one of them at home and hurried to make the call. On the other hand, in a phone call answered by one of the adoptive mothers, a big surprise. “More are appearing,” she said into her house.

David Kellman quickly joined Eddy Garland and Bobby Shafran and the trio formed. They were blinded by each other, discovered their respective personalities, and even found that they had a number of things in common. Everyone had been wrestler when they were young, everyone smoked the same brand of tobacco and, among other things, had the same taste for women.

The story went national and triplets began directing all television programs, becoming almost little celebrities, especially in New York. You even appeared in a movie with Madonna. They all moved into a shared apartment and went out regularly, becoming New York night characters in the 1980s. Then they even opened a restaurant together called “Triplets” and sold goods with their three boys.

While all of this was going on, adoptive parents worried and tried to get answers. Neither of them knew that the children they adopted had siblings. And all of the children had been adopted by the same agency, Louise Wise, one of the largest in New York, run by an elite very close to the Jewish community.

Two of the twins in 2018 with the director.

Over time, and after some legal proceedings and investigative attempts, the story behind these triplets got much darker and more conspiratorial. Without revealing great details so as not to spoil the experience of whoever will watch the documentary, everything that happened (apart from discovering that there were triplets) was purposeful.

In other words, they were purposely separated from the agency shortly after their birth, divided into handpicked families – from different walks of life and personalities – and their behavior studied over the years. They were used as guinea pigs in a sinister investigation – and worse, they weren’t the only ones. Other adopted twins who did not know they were twins were part of the same investigation and also discovered this story together.

The consequences of the various discoveries in the twins’ lives were overwhelming for the brothers, even in full adulthood, married, and with children. The documentary features interviews with two of the twins, some members of the adoptive families and journalists who have followed the case over the years, as well as other actors (some of whom are linked to the conspiracy).

It crosses archive footage with current footage for the documentary and has an electrifying rhythm – which only adds to the excitement of viewers watching this incredible and fascinating story. It is also deeply sad at the same time. It is an original production by CNN Films that debuted at the Sundance Festival and should be seen by everyone.


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