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This is how the sex scene in episode 2 was faked

If you’re watching the Euphoria series, you can’t miss the very visual sex scene in episode 2. We suggest you revisit the latter to explain how it could have been faked and who is behind it.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of the Euphoria series. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

A remarkable scene

In Episode 2 of Euphoria Season 2, available on OCS, a highly visual sex scene marks netizens. Indeed, in this episode, Nate (played by Jacob Elordi) imagines Cassie and a possible future, then suddenly the image of Cal (played by Eric Dane), the family’s strict patriarch who proliferates extramarital affairs, pops onto the screen. And this one is busy licking a young man’s anus.

This moment raised several questions such as “But who does this posterior belong to? Was this scene faked? If so, how?”. We now have answers as actor Christin Byrdsong broke the silence by proclaiming there’s little to be the one who presented his rear end to the camera. And the latter took the opportunity to explain to us in a Twitter post how the scene in question was shot.

It was me #DreamsComeTrue pic.twitter.com/6DMPQFXKCW

January 17, 2022

A completely fake scene

Actress Christin Byrdsong answered several questions via Twitter comments, notably stating that the scene was very professional and completely fake. He explains:

An object was constructed by the intimacy coordinator before being placed between her face and my ass (…) I felt completely safe, heard and respected.

In fact, the presence of an intimacy coordinator at a shoot is now commonplace. This person is responsible for the physical, social and professional protection of actors. In doing so, she secures their approval, encourages dialogue and thinks of the well-being of the actors, for example by thinking about skin-colored underwear or prostheses, lubricating gel or mouth spray so that the experience is as painless as possible. As Christin Byrdsong semi-explains in her message, in this specific case the intimacy coordinator had to build a prosthetic anus so the scene didn’t involve sexual contact between the two actors.

Christine Byrdson.

In addition, Christin Byrdsong also thanked Eric Dane, the actor playing the role of Cal Jacobs, stating, “He’s a real nugget that man. Very professional and laid back.” Christin Byrdsong even clarified that a good laugh allowed everyone to relax. The reason for that giggle? When the film crew asked the actor if he was ready and if he was alright, Christin Byrdsong replied that “dreams really do come true,” which caused universal laughter. The actor clarified that he was indeed very fortunate to be on an incredible series with an equally incredible director, to meet an amazing actor, and to be paid more for it.

And if you want to learn more about how sex scenes are filmed in Hollywood cinema, you can read our previous article which looks back at the 14 most amazing facts in this field.


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