“This is a violation of human rights”


Madonna joins the #FreeBritney movement: “This is a violation of human rights”

The singer publicly endorsed Britney Spears after her friend lost another lawsuit against her father to protect her assets in court.

Madonna joins the already several celebrities who are on Britney’s side.

This Friday, July 9th, Madonna publicly demonstrated her support for Britney Spears and joined the #FreeBritney movement, which has already attracted many celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Cher, Paris Hilton, Will.i.am, Kim Kardashian, Jon Bon Jovi or Miley belong to Cyrus.

The singer posted a story on Instagram in which she appeared in a white t-shirt named Britney Spears. According to the singer, Britney has been molested by her father, James Spears, who continues to manage all of her assets. That reaction comes after Britney Spears lost a lawsuit against her father in court on June 30 asking him to stop being her legal guardian.

“Give this woman her life back. Slavery was abolished a long time ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy that has done this to women for centuries. This is a violation of human rights! Britney, we’re coming to get you out of this prison, ”Madonna wrote.

Madonna and Britney Spears worked together on the song “Me Against The Music” in 2003 and sang the international hit “Like A Virgin” with Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards that same year.

There were several public statements of support following Britney’s testimony comparing her father’s guardianship to a sexual abuse case. One of them was Justin Timberlake, who used Twitter to join his ex-girlfriend. Mariah Carey already showed her support with a “We love you Britney”.

Britney Spears is 39 years old and has lived under her father’s tutelage for 13 years. According to an article in the American newspaper “The New Yorker”, the court appointed James as legal guardian for the singer. Britney released four albums, led an international tour worth $ 131 million and lived in for four years a successful home in Las Vegas.

The documentary “Framing Britney Spears” also made its debut that year, and it tells in detail about the singer’s relationship with her father during this period.