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This ideal volunteer intends to replace Kentaro Miura

On May 20, 2021, we announced this terrible news: Kentaro Miura died of aortic dissection at the age of 54. Fans of the masterpiece that Berserk represents wanted to pay tribute to him through a series of tweets and various messages sent to him. Many of them spoke of a remarkable man and a job that would be remembered for a long time. If we all regretted that the Berserker manga had no sequel and no ending, we could have a nice surprise from this coast thanks to a volunteer who stepped out of the shadows on the occasion.

The succession seems to be assured

While Berserker fans thought their favorite work was definitely doomed and Guts’ fate would never be sealed, a silver lining came to them and it came from Kentaro’s assistant Miura. The latter actually stated through his Twitter account shortly after the death of Kentaro Miura was published:

う ん 、 頑 張 り り ま

May 21, 2021

Yes i will do my best

These words are far from meaningless as all eyes are now on him. Indeed, the one who seems ready to take over has received many requests to know if he would be ready to continue Miura’s work. Also, it could very well be that, before his death, the mangaka decided to reveal the fate of Guts to his assistant, which would make him the ideal person to complete this story.

In addition, there seems to be a video circulating on the Internet at the moment, in which it is stated that although Kentaro Miura’s assistant would replace the famous mangaka, the latter, despite our best efforts, is initially incomprehensible. However, if this information turns out to be true and we can find the video, we will update this article.

Will Kentaro really take over Miura’s assistant?

While Kentaro Miura’s assistant seems like the best person to continue the manga storyline, we must not forget that we need to consider the manga production system in Japan. In fact, an assistant does not have the same status as a real mangaka, who previously had to go through many selection tests.

Kentaro Miura’s assistant has to prove himself in order for us to agree to entrust him with the continuation of a project of this magnitude in Japan. In addition, some internet users are already wondering why Miura stopped entrusting his assistant with more work to increase the publication rate when he trusted her so much. The release rate of Berserk Manga is known to have been relatively slow before the death of the famous manga artist.

However, other internet users see a lot of positives in the response from Miura’s assistant and have sent him messages of support:

What do you think of this news? Could Kentaro’s assistant Miura provide you with the sequel that manga fans are so impatiently waiting for? Do not hesitate to answer this question via our survey as well as in the comments section! And while you wait to know what happens next, you can always read our article on the tribute Final Fantasy XIV players paid to Kentaro Miura.


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