This huge touch table will appeal to all board game lovers


Are you a ludophile? Do you love board games with friends and family? Are you running out of space at home with all the boxes you are stacking in the various rooms? With this huge touch table, we may have the solution for you!

The Infinity Table: A huge touchscreen tablet for playing dozen of board games

In fact, it is the Arcade1Up company that has just started a project on KickStarter that consists of creating a touch table that integrates dozens of iconic board games in a virtual way. In collaboration with Hasbro, the start-up offers this table called Infinity, which contains several games from the brand such as Scrabble, Naval Battle or even Monopoly. But be careful, it’s not just these classics, there are also newer titles from smaller publishers such as Pandemic or Ticket to Ride.

The table is available in two sizes, one 24 “and another 32”. It offers the opportunity to meet between 1 and 6 players. The Infinity table is also shock and waterproof. It is equipped with an HD touchscreen with haptic feedback as well as two speakers and removable feet.

If the catalog currently only consists of around fifty games, the developing start-up promises that a virtual store will be set up to download the new board games, but also allow developers and game design enthusiasts to share content for the community to make available.

If you want to participate financially in the project and receive the Infinity table exclusively, you can participate in the crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter until November 30th. After paying $ 499, you’ll be one of the first owners of the Infinity table, which is slated to ship in March 2021 for the 24-inch model. Be careful though, as this is not currently the case nor is it planned to be marketed in Europe.