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This hero is even stronger than Hulk and Hyperion combined

Marvel Comics just unveiled a character with even more impressive physical strength than Hyperion and Hulk combined. The latter two appear to be the most evolved brute force characters in the entire Marvel Universe. However, according to The Thing, there is an even stronger being!

Stronger than the strongest

There are a handful of characters in the Marvel Universe who possess immeasurable strength. Among them we can mention in particular the famous Hulk. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves in 1962, the Jade Giant is one of the most violent characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Mightier than The Thing, mightier than The Scourge, mightier than Thor, he even rivaled and bonded with Sentry. In short, testing the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat is difficult.

But Hulk isn’t the strongest of all Marvel characters. There is one, less well known to the general public, that has a strength on par with Superman at DC Comics. This is Hyperion. Developed by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema in 1969, Hyperion is therefore an imitation of Superman and overall has the same abilities as the Man of Steel. But despite the strength of these two heroes, there is an even more powerful character.

The gladiator

In Fantastic Four #40, The Thing makes an interesting comment about the Gladiator, claiming that the Shi’ar hero is more powerful than the Hulk and Hyperion combined. Just that… In this comic from Dan Slott and Joe Caramagna, the Fantastic Four travel to Shi’ar space and discover that Gladiator and his team have been defeated. A practically impossible thing according to The Thing, which claims that “Gladiator is stronger than Hulk and Hyperion combined”.

A perhaps somewhat exaggerated comment. It’s true that Gladiator is a powerful fighter to rival Hulk. But stronger than the two heroes together, hard to believe. Gladiator was founded in 1977 by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. Gladiator, a member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, has broadly the same powers as Hyperion: super strength, super speed, ability to breathe in space, invulnerability, etc. The Shi’ar are an iconic alien race created by Marvel Comics 1976 by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum (her again). The Shi’ar are one of the three main alien empires represented in Marvel Comics, along with the Skrulls and the Kree. At present the Shiites have yet to appear in films.


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