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This hardcore fan multiplies the trips to find the landscapes of the comics

Last week we shared with you the work of Banniwam, a videographer who hijacked episodes of the animated series The Adventures of Tintin for a WTF score. And with 250 million copies sold around the world, Belgian journalist Hervé has made his little face known around the world. Fascinated by Tintin, this hardcore fan decided to multiply the trips to find the landscapes of the comic strips.

a journey to the four corners of the world

From comics to television, to film and video game adaptations, Hergé’s The Adventures of Tintin is a true monument of pop culture. Over the course of the volumes, Tintin, a young Belgian journalist, multiplies his travels around the world together with his companions. Journeys that allow him to visit many wonders of the world as well as incredible landscapes. The continents follow one another, an exciting life and endless travels that a fan decided to honor.

Jakarta-based Indonesian Finance Director Nelwin Aldriansyah has chosen to follow the path of Tintin. A journey that began in 2005 when he traveled to India to visit the Qutub Minur, the famous tower in New Delhi that fans of Hergé’s work saw in Tintin in Tibet. A series of trips followed that his subscribers could follow on his social networks and in particular on his Instagram account.


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