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This hacker is guilty of hacking Nintendo’s servers and child crime and is going to ransack the prison box

Last February, Ryan S. Hernandez was caught by the FBI for entering Nintendo’s server and possessing child pornography pictures. After pleading guilty, the young man was due to stand trial last April, although the verdict was not pronounced until December 1. A heavy sentence that puts Hernandez behind bars for several years.

convicted of hacking and possession of child pornography pictures

As a reminder, a few months before the Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017, Hernandez hacked the Japanese giant’s servers in an attempt to steal confidential information. During the investigation, the FBI discovered that the young American was also in possession of child pornography pictures. For his crimes, Hernandez risked a fine of 260,000 euros and a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Although the fine was paid in full or almost in full, the sentence did not go as far. Earlier this year, prosecutors on the case estimated that Hernandez would be sentenced to three years in prison. This Tuesday, December 1st, the Seattle court returned its verdict, sentencing what is known on the Internet as “RyanRocks” to three years in prison. In addition, Hernandez must be on the list of sex offenders.

In addition to his first intervention before the Nintendo Switch was released, Hernandez had repeated the experience between June 2018 and June 2019. So, for a year, the hacker stole confidential information about various popular video games. Information that was then shared on a small scale on the internet but eventually ended up on generally public websites. The young man was aware of his guilt and still escaped much heavier sentences as he risked 20 years in prison for owning child pornography pictures and five years for breaking into Nintendo’s server.


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