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This giant Spider-Man robot goes haywire during a show

Spider-Man’s success is beyond proof. Arguably the most popular superhero among Marvel fans if the numbers are any indication, with the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home movie already grossing over $1.6 billion worldwide. But even if our Weber seems to be in top form, he has had a bit of a lull lately, or rather in a vacuum.

Spidey fails

Given Spider-Man’s popularity, it’s no wonder Disneyland wants to give visitors the opportunity to witness some of the character’s most iconic actions firsthand. And if there’s one great place for superhero fans, it’s the Avengers Campus in Disneyland, California.

Visitors can enjoy various stunts and performances by their favorite characters. Well, not always. Because stunts don’t always go as planned, and Disneyland guests experienced it when a Spider-Man animatronic malfunctioned during a jump. In a video shared on Twitter, we see the robot Spider-Man launching from his web but completely missing his landing.

what the heck ud83dude2d pic.twitter.com/i0wn2dhAWv

January 17, 2022

But when he pulls it off, the Spider-Man mech is actually pretty impressive. Specially designed for stunts, Spider-Man’s animatronics can perform somersaults and other tricks while swinging through the air. Although most shows have a real person wearing the Spider-Man costume, the animatronics are used to perform particularly dangerous stunts to ensure the actors’ safety. He is therefore able to perform (usually) very realistic movements, making the transition between the real Spider-Man and the fake Spider-Man almost imperceptible.

However, as with any technology, there is no zero risk. Luckily, the incident in question didn’t have any serious consequences, and such occasional incidents are a small price to pay for the safety of Disneyland’s stunt performers. And while the actual spectacle of Spider-Man swinging through the air is mighty impressive, this revamped version at least has the benefit of being fun.


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