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This game is criticized because of Hitler’s testicles

A new game has just been released on Steam and the title is getting a lot of reviews. In fact, it’s Sex With Hitler, a pornographic game in which the German dictator has sex with women. If the pitch of the game leaves something to be desired, that’s not why multiple players have spoken up that there was a problem and that it was below the belt.

A game that lacks historical accuracy…

Sex With Hitler was not developed by those who suggested Sex With Stalin. Here the game is signed by Romantic Room, a developer specializing in hentai and waifu games. Sex With Hitler, releasing Saturday on Steam, is a shooter combined with a visual novel about Hitler’s encounters with five women from different nations.

The player is driven to the end of World War II, while the Russians stand at the gates of Berlin, the Führer plans to leave the country, but before that he is more than determined to have fun with women.

Suffice it to say that with cheap art, poorly written dialogue and riddled with spelling mistakes, it’s not the game of the year. Not to mention the anachronisms or even the dictator’s Nazi armband, on which the swastika is replaced by a phallus. Those looking for historical authenticity will definitely not find it in this game.

But it’s not because of all of the aforementioned points that some players have criticized Sex With Hitler. No, simply because a player noticed that Hitler is shown with two testicles in one sex scene and only one in another scene.

Terrible game. First of all, we know that Hitler only had one testicle. However, the game fails twice. In one scene he has his two daughters. In another scene, her friend seems completely non-existent. I’m incredibly disappointed in the lack of historical accuracy.

one or two? That is the question !

This part of Hitler’s anatomy has often been studied to understand if part of his killing spree could be explained. Rumors had long circulated that he had lost his testicles to shrapnel on the battlefields of the Somme. Medical records from the 1920s state that the dictator may have suffered from right-sided cryptorchidism, meaning his right testicle never descended.

Also, Hitler was never muscular and had biceps as shown in the game, on the contrary he was not in the best of shape as he suffered from a short small intestine syndrome, several heart diseases and Parkinson’s disease.

In summary, if you want to play a video game that offers a realistic and (with testicles) portrayal of Hitler, your best bet is Sniper Elite 3.


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