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This fish ends the game after several thousand hours

For several years now, Pokémon fans have been able to gather on the Twitch platform to discover Twitch Play, where viewers direct the character at the same time. The YouTube channel Mutekimaru has decided to put its fish to the test. And after several thousand hours, one of them finally finished Pokémon Sapphire.

Almost 134 working days

After three Pokémon games, the fish on the Mutekimaru YouTube channel were able to face one of the licensed classics: Pokémon Sapphire. Thanks to motion sensors located throughout the aquarium, the fish involuntarily select the character’s movements and actions. And it goes without saying that the final great test of this challenge was to defeat Council 4. After about 3195 hours, or almost 134 days, Pierre Rochard, master of the Pokémon League of the Hoenn region, was finally defeated.

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As you can see in the video above, the direction arrows and the A and B buttons are drawn at the bottom of the aquarium. So while moving, the fish also moves the protagonist of the version. After his victory against Pierre Rochard, this fish searches like no other for Regice, one of the legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Sapphire. To maintain the health of the fish, the playing fish is changed every 12 hours.

The viewers can therefore follow the adventures of their favorite fish at any time or wait for a programmed shift. It remains to be seen whether the fish on Mutekimaru’s YouTube channel will continue to visit the different regions of the Pokémon universe. A production that is slightly reminiscent of Twitch Play, a system set up on the Twitch platform in which the viewers themselves decide on the actions and movements of the character.


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