this fan went too far to hold rockstar accountable (video)


Months go by and GTA VI is revealed through alleged leaks, rumors, and other rumors in the hallway. A highly anticipated game that has to follow a GTA V that is still played by millions of players every day, or at least its multiplayer component, namely GTA Online, which Rockstar updates very regularly. Eight long years have passed since GTA V and an impatient fan made it their business to send a message to the American studio.

a live intervention

One fan, tired of waiting and obviously eager to learn more about the mysterious GTA VI, felt it appropriate to go a little too far to hold Rockstar accountable. While some limit themselves to news on Twitter or on the publisher’s forums, others want to reach a more global audience, especially through television. Such is the case with this German fan who decided to embed themselves in the middle of a TV show by going on the set to challenge Rockstar via GTA VI.

Some obviously refer to Rockstar’s marketing services, but it’s hard to believe that promoting the game can reach such a special dimension. The American giant has always wanted to be more discreet and announced his life a few days before it aired and never shared too much. It is difficult to identify an intervention by Rockstar behind this incident, which also happened in the middle of a German TV show.

This fan disrupted the niche of Alexander Duszat and reality TV star Evelyn Burdecki and was encrusted on a live episode of Beat the Star that aired on Aug. 28. He walks up to the set to address the host and attending celebrity and just say, “What I want to know is where the hell GTA VI is? I’ve been waiting for GTA VI for eight years!”. He then asks Duszat to look at the camera to ask where GTA VI is, to which he replies, “No, I don’t have to do that, I don’t even have GTA V finished yet.”

After almost thirty seconds on the set, security finally comes to look for him, to accompany him to the exit. Challenge ? Spontaneous wish? Marketing intervention from Rockstar? The end of the story is unlikely to appear on the web. Anyway, it still sings a question many gamers ask: “But where is GTA VI ?!”.