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This fan-loved MCU character was about to appear in the final episode

A few months after the end of the WandaVision series, which is set to introduce phase 4 of the MCU, we learn that a key figure was about to appear in the final episode. Who is it ? And why was the scene canceled?

Open the doors to the MCU

Episode 9, the finale to the March 5th of the WandaVision series, will have raised a number of questions for the rest of the MCU and especially for the long-awaited Phase 4. During the introduction of the latter, many fans expressed their disappointment.

Almost a month after the end of the first season, WandaVision is still on everyone’s lips with fans, theorists and experts. There has been several speculations about the next Marvel series, which will introduce the adventures of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, but also about the role of a main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Mark Hamill style entry in The Mandalorian.

This is Doctor Strange. In fact, WandaVision should be some kind of preamble to Doctor Strange in the Multiversum of Madness slated to hit theaters in March 2022, as Elizabeth Olsen (who therefore plays Wanda Maximoff) plays an important role. In turn, fans marveled at the presence of Doctor Stephen Strange on the Disney + series, which in just four weeks was still number one on the world’s most popular series.

Especially since Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany (Vision) were instrumental in teasing his looks. The first was a real slap in the face for fans, like Mark Hamill in The Mandalorian. The second, he, said more soberly that it was “an actor with whom he had always dreamed of working”. Why such a turnaround?

“Let me show you how your power works!”

In an interview for the famous Rolling Stone magazine, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained himself by revealing that Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays Doctor Strange) was removed from the script at the last minute for fear that he might be the one intended for Wanda Cannibalize the main role. despite the agreement with Marvel to appear in the final episode of WandaVision.

“We didn’t want the ending of the series to be trivialized to bridge the gap with the next movie. We didn’t want to land this white guy who wanted to explain things to Wanda in mode: let me show you how you do Power Works. “Feige confessed.

As a result, Doctor Strange 2 also had to be rewritten by the Rolling Stone writers, including the passage where Wanda and Strange land.


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