This fan is hired by Lucasfilm after this tour de force

The final episode of the second season of The Mandalorian impressed many fans. The appearance of a cult figure from the saga also moved the audience very … sometimes in a bad way. Some time ago we told you about the masterpiece of an internet user who took the time to change the scene with his own resources … which Lucasfilm did not leave untouched, on the contrary.

/! Attention, this item contains loot for episode 8 of The Mandalorian / Season 2!

When the fans are more talented

Surely you’ve seen a loved one or stranger criticize a job or work that is close to your heart. With that in mind, you may have felt hurt and wanted to say that if he were that smart he would just have to do the job himself. Well, some Star Wars fans took this situation literally.

Many fans of the science fiction saga were surprised to see Luke Skywalker rejuvenated by the CGI in the final episode of the second season of The Mandalorian, which aired on Disney +. While some expressed their joy at finding the hero of the first games, others laughed happily at the result displayed on the screen.

The complaints went so far that the most gifted fans decided to take matters into their own hands with the help of editing software. The aim of the maneuver was to prove that even amateurs with fewer resources can do special effects better than the giant multinational entertainment company Disney, owner of the Georges Lucas franchise.

Among the viewers disappointed with Luke’s inlay, a YouTuber specializing in deepfake technology decided to recreate the famous scene that was the subject of criticism. Armed with his overlay software, whoever reacts to the pseudo-shamook has therefore picked up the young version of Mark Hamill and published his work on his channel.

The differences are very subtle, but we still notice a significant improvement: the texture of the Jedi’s skin is more realistic, and the resemblance to the young Mark Hamill is much more evident than in the original version.

Still rather humbly, Shamook admitted that the result wasn’t perfect and that if he’d had access to the body lining before the CGI wasn’t applied, he would have done an even better job in terms of lip syncing.

In the comments section of his latest video (dedicated to a deepfake by Christian Bale who was replaced by Robert Pattinson), Shamook apologized for the slowdown on his YouTube channel. However, he gave, forgivably, a good reason: Disney would have contacted him after his video to offer him a part in the team at The Mandalorian. Contacted by IndieWire, Lucasfilm confirmed the hiring, stating that he now holds the position of Senior Facial Capture Artist.

“As some of you may already know, I came to ILM / Lucasfilms a few months ago and didn’t have time to work on new YouTube content. Now that I’ve become well established in my work, new content should come out more frequently. ” . “

If we are to learn anything from this story, we must always believe in our dreams. Deepfake technology, while scary due to its misuse, is definitely a future sector when it comes to cinema special effects. Hollywood should therefore use it more and more and will not stop hiring new artists who are good at AI.

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