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This “fake” trailer for Knights of Ren drove fans crazy

Stop everything. A strange Star Wars trailer has just leaked on the networks that would reveal a future project for Disney. However, some doubts remain that would call its veracity into question. For their part, fans do not hesitate to give their opinion on the networks.

The dark side of power at the center of a project?

As the spin-offs, series and films pile up around the galaxy far, far away, Disney plans to release no fewer than 4 coined projects this year, namely The Mandalorian (Season 3), The Bad Batch (Season 2), Obi- Wan Kenobi and Andor. There will be a lot to do. On the other hand, the suspension of filming of the third season could delay its release.

Right now, it’s the long-awaited The Book of Boba franchise that is grabbing attention. Even so, it starts out changeable, as the quality of the first episodes is inconsistent.

We know that since Disney regained the rights to the franchise, Disney has been expanding the galaxy created by Georges Lucas more confidently. Thus, the scenario options are diverse. For example, some fans wonder if Disney plans to capitalize on the dark side of the force (Star Wars: The Acolyte?).

A trailer that sows doubts

Flash News: A new and short trailer has just been released in which we see a Sith jumping off his TIE fighter onto an X-Wing with a sword in hand before destroying it. At the end we see the title of this possible spin-off: Knights of Ren – A Star Wars Story or The Knights of Ren, close guardian of Kylo Ren, whom we discover on the screen for the first time in Part Seventh of the franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It is currently unknown whether this trailer is real or whether it is a fake. If the quality of this option can be the determining factor in the first option, there are several points that question its authenticity.

A real fake?

Therefore, several points raise doubts. First of all, the mention of “A Star Wars Story” was previously reserved for films and not series (Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). So this would be the first series to refer to the label. Well almost, because A Star Wars: A Droid Story will be the very first series mentioned. Disney would therefore offer other serial formats that are placed under this name.

On the other hand, it seems strange to Disney, when it comes to a feature film, to only and primarily release it on its streaming platform. After all, Knights of Ren aren’t usually equipped with lightsabers, so why in this trailer? The character design in question doesn’t match any of the Knights of Ren featured in the trilogy. Here the antagonist in question is strangely reminiscent of Sauron.

For the time being, nothing has been communicated by Disney or LucasArts about this video. But if it’s a fake trailer let’s face it, it’s the work of a talented fan. Several Internet users have not lost their opinions on the networks.

Sorry, but there is a 0% chance the Knights of Ren leak is real. This mask is from Lord of the Rings, lmao pic.twitter.com/gXVSmBcJkK

January 13, 2022

Sorry, but the chance of the Knights of Ren escaping is 0%. This mask is from the Lord of the Rings, lmao.

What kind of people is that

January 13, 2022

when did Sauron become part of the Knights of Ren ?? https://t.co/XKF5VNyjrN

January 13, 2022

How long has Sauron been part of the Knights of Ren?

Yo what the hell is that ??? pic.twitter.com/qZkMTVKRuJ

January 13, 2022

yo what the hell is that ???

That Knights Of Ren: A Star Wars Story leaked is one of the best fake trailers we’ve ever seen!

January 13, 2022

The “leaked” trailer for Knights Of Ren: A Star Wars Story is one of the best fake trailers I’ve seen.

Very good chance it’s a fan but we have to admit it’s incredibly stylish. #StarWars #KnightsOfRen https://t.co/51HG4YiiP5

January 14, 2022

Do you think this is an authentic teaser or purely fan creation? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the comments.


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