This exclusive next-generation feature can be deactivated


On November 19th, the PlayStation 5 will be released in France. The opportunity for the lucky ones who managed to pre-order it to add to their living room. A next generation console with new features, especially thanks to DualSense, the new controller that accompanies this new console. And don’t worry for those wondering, one of the PS5’s exclusive features can be disabled.

A function that can be deactivated

Weeks go by and Sony continues to release more information on its PlayStation 5. The console release is getting closer and the Japanese manufacturer is specifying the features while some lucky ones are already enjoying them. . We find haptic feedback among the exclusive features of this next-gen console. An exclusivity that aims to increase immersion in the game by giving specific vibrations to each situation. This feature is based on game sound effects, so developers don’t have to program each feedback in a specific way.

Sony recently revealed details about the console’s exclusive features, such as: B. the haptic feedback. And the critics of this novelty can be in heaven, this feature can be disabled in the console options. A decision Sony recommends for certain types of gamers as it is advisable “not to use the vibration or effects of triggers if you have injuries or health problems in the bones, joints or muscles of your hands and arms.” Note that adaptive triggers can also be disabled.

Players who prefer to disable or reduce the effects of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers can do so directly from the PlayStation 5’s options. A setting similar to the brightness of the controllers or their vibrations. The haptic feedback must also affect the controller’s battery. Deactivating it would possibly extend the service life. However, we have to wait a little longer to get it in our hands. And for good reason, the PlayStation 5 won’t be released until November 19th.