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This dinosaur is Baby Yoda from Universal License

The gradual relationship that has developed between Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, and Din Djarin is an integral part of the success of the Disney series The Mandalorian. A unique relationship between humans and animals? Not very much.

A unique father-son relationship

Over the course of two (and a half) seasons, fans once again learned about the establishment of the father-son relationship between Din Djarin and Baby Yoda before being enthralled by each line from the two characters. To such an extent that it has now become a delicacy. Thus, fans’ affection for this relationship was gradually recognized as the two characters learned to love each other. From protecting a “package” to true fatherly love. We had never seen this at the heart of the Star Wars franchise other than the relationship between Obi-Wan: Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

However, we are talking here about a connection between a “monster” and a human being. In the 7th art we find none, except friendly (ET) or romantic (King Kong) relationships. Disney understood this well: the arc of this father-son relationship represents a juicy win for its Disney+ platform, up to the elevation of the “child” to Jedi and the inevitable separation as tears.

Universal’s Grogu?

Another franchise seems to play along the same lines, capitalizing on the affectation and cuteness between animal and human: Jurassic World. The stunning trailer for Jurassic World: The World After delighted fans of the license with the beauty of its imagery, its action scenes and the return of the legendary trio from Spielberg’s first film.

But this first trailer was also an opportunity to bring Blue, the young velociraptor and ex-offspring of Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, to the big screen. As a reminder, in the first installment of the license, Owen Blue trained prior to the incidents at the park before finding her and removing the camera she had on her head while hunting the Indominus Rex. She understands that she is in front of her master, does not attack and lets herself be finished. The bond of affection between the two is reborn, and viewers understand that a strong union was born. In Fallen Kingdom, the two reunite, and although Blue refuses to follow Owen in favor of freedom, her gaze on him shows their bond.

We already know that the trainer and the beast will meet again for this third and final act, and as their relationship slowly develops, we imagine a new event will bring them closer together and give fans a dash of emotion. Though a connection between a man and a dinosaur is a lot less obvious than that between the bounty hunter and Baby Yoda, Universal manages to offer tenderness in a much more compartmentalized ecosystem. Especially if Le Monde après will mark the end of the world universe, it doesn’t mean the end of the franchise. Could Universal take inspiration from Grogu and Din Djarin for upcoming projects? Time will tell us.


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