This cult film of geek culture is being turned into an animated series


As the unbeatable juggernaut of SVOD in the world, Netflix can count on its original creations, and especially its series, to keep many loyal users. But since the American platform has the means, it can also afford to offer classic theatrical films. This time she mixes both: It is an animated series of a cult film that is currently in preparation.

The success of the adjustments

How do you offer original content while browsing the popularity of a work? Very often it is sufficient to adapt the mentioned work. These are usually the books that serve as sources for film adaptations (The Lord of the Rings, Dune …) but if a universe pleases the audience, the films can be customized even then. We can cite the case of Jonathan Nolan Westworld’s series, adapted from the 1973 movie Moonwest, or the oldest Stargate SG-1 series, which began a few years after the 1994 film.

Netflix understood that this formula has since worked and is preparing to use it again.

A comic that spans the years

Since the formula has worked for decades, Netflix has started a partnership with Edgar Wright. If the name doesn’t ring, you know that the 47-year-old British director is already at the top of films like Baby Driver (2017) or, more recently, the very good Last Night in Soho (2021).

If both of these feature films had some success when they were released, it is not the case with all of the director’s filmography. In 2010 he released Scott Pilgrim, a comedy based on the comics of the same name that began in 2004 by writer Bryan Lee O’Malley. In a nutshell, we follow the adventures of Scott, a young man of 22 who is in love with a girl who is dragging behind what every man fears: a bevy of invasive ex-boyfriends who are desperately trying to find the young lady’s new admirer to eliminate.

A special trip for a promising project

This wacky scenario hadn’t won over all critics when the film was released in 2010, while even viewers avoided it when it hit theaters. The decision to adapt it as an animated series can then seem very strange, but it is due to the fact that the film Scott Pilgrim itself experienced a special fate. While I suffered a furnace when it was released, it has become a reference throughout pop culture over the years, with its myriad of geek references and its crazy universe.

If we don’t know when the adapted series will see the light of day, we already know that Edgar Wright will co-produce, screenwriter and co-producer – executive alongside Michael Bacall (Inglorious Bastards) and the comic creator himself Producer. Enough to ensure this adaptation stays true to the original works. Finally, Netflix has announced that it will be directing Abel Góngora, one of the directors best known for the recent Star Wars: Visions series.

A release window has not yet been communicated for the animated series Scott Pilgrim on Netflix.