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This cosplayer who plays Ciri is unanimous among fans

You may not know Misaki Sai, this cosplayer who has more than 78,000 fans on her Instagram account. This Ukrainian made a splash among fans of The Witcher thanks to her remarkable cosplay of Ciri.

A perfect cosplay from Ciri

Ciri is an extremely popular character in the franchise developed by CD Projekt Red and is widely recognized by numerous fans. Lots of cosplayers try to bring it to life and some manage to reach such a level of perfection that they amaze audiences. This is the case with Misaki Sai.

The Ukrainian cosplayer has just received praise from subscribers and fans of The Witcher on her Instagram account. We can see her stage herself in an environment right out of the game, gun in hand, ready to face a terrible opponent.

If the success of your cosplay lies in the rendezvous, it is especially for the meticulous precision work on various details of your cosplay.

While you wait for the second season of The Witcher series on Netflix and the next game from the Polish studio, we invite you to discover the perfect cosplay of Ciris signed Misaki Sai.

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