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This computer scientist discovered the secret of doing nothing and getting paid for it

A young computer scientist had the brilliant idea of ​​completely automating his telework and earning a lot of money without doing anything. Thanks to a very simple method, he works just ten minutes a day to earn more than $90,000 a year. Find out what his secret is.

The Evil of Telecommuting

This amazing story comes from Reddit user u/Throwaway59724. The latter, who must therefore be taken at his word, tells of this employee’s completely insane technique for automating his telecommuting job. The story goes that a young computer scientist is hired by a medium-sized American law firm. He is then asked to manage the transfer of digital documents from local hard drives to the company’s cloud. All for $90,000 a year.

However, he quickly realizes that his contract of eight hours a week is far too high and he needs much less time to complete his mission. So here he is stuck in the office pretending to work long hours. Then comes liberation: the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, like many others, he finds himself in telework. For him the dream begins.

Full automation

He is therefore entitled to work from home. From then on, the computer scientist made sure to only spend 10 minutes behind his desk every day. The rest of the time he lives his best life:

In about a week I was able to write, debug and perfect a simple script that does all my work. It basically scans the local hard drive for new files, generates hashes for them, transfers them to the cloud, and then re-hashes them for accuracy.

As for the sacking threat, he’s thought of everything and built a solid defense:

If they try to get rid of me, I’ll just get rid of the script. I run it on devices I own, so if they lose me, they lose the job. I create my own job security

Either way, well done!


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