This commercial method of Super U storage makes internet users angry

With gamers struggling to buy a PlayStation 5, the Super U brand recently developed a business method that many consumers find aggressive.

Disgruntled internet users

We announced it to you on Wednesday December 2nd: two French brands, Carrefour and Super, announced that they would have PlayStation 5 on sale on Thursday December 3rd, 2020. Given the very limited inventory, it was necessary to be extremely responsive and hectic on F5 in order to have the chance to buy a PS5.

On top of the frustration of not being able to get a console, Super-U customers added what came from a very aggressive commercial method by the supermarket chain. In fact, many people were surprised to find that they had to enter their code from their Super U loyalty card to purchase a PlayStation 5. In other words, to buy a PS5 you must have a loyalty card from the sign …

Obviously, internet users responded to this commercial method:

Set the alarm for 8 a.m. to snap the ps5 when it’s time to pay. You need a super dog wristband

3rd December 2020

Too good, I’ll / * enter the card
got the PS5 card
Super U *

3rd December 2020

Those who didn’t have the Super U card to be able to buy the PS5 slept there like this

3rd December 2020

My dear, it’s been 20 years since she told me to take this Super U card if I race against her because Askip has points on it but the day I need it for the PS5 she is no longer there, Zebi

3rd December 2020

SUPER U biggest PDF in PS5 pre-order history that we all stuttered when they said “please enter your Super U card code” ud83dude02

3rd December 2020

Right before the PS5, but Nan Super U has to decide to make a little map that we don’t care

3rd December 2020

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