this coming war is going to be even more epic than that of Avengers Endgame

If you like the first Avatar movie, you may be looking forward to the next Avatar. We already have the first pictures for this new opus and some references to the synopsis, which now introduce us to what to expect. And for now, the show promises to be as epic as Avengers: Endgame.

Avatar 2 vs. Avengers: Endgame

Avatar 2 could well build a more important interplanetary war than that of Avengers: Endgame, as the plot will return the protagonists to Earth. In the original film, the earth was described as “all of its natural resources have been depleted”. This means that the human characters in the film could return to a post-apocalyptic earth in hopes of fighting for survival.

In idea, this would be pretty similar to Earth in Avengers: Endgame, which, after Thanos’ snapshot, struggled to cope with the massive loss of life. The resulting conflict between the remaining Avengers and a Thanos from another era has set the bar very high for massive interplanetary battles. But it looks like the movie Avatar 2 is trying to achieve a war of at least the same quality. If the characters of Avatar 2 travel between Earth and Pandora, or if, conversely, the few remaining people on Earth try everything on Pandora for human survival, the resulting conflict could be as dramatic and emotional as Endgame’s.

Remember, at the end of the Avatar movie, the Resources Development Administration (RDA) was almost completely kicked out of Pandora and returned to Earth. However, since humans are finding it difficult to survive on Earth, it is likely that the RDA will launch another attack on Pandora in order to survive. Because of this, the battle between the Na’vi and the human race could give an entirely epic touch to this conflict, which would have anything to resemble that proposed in Endgame. At least we can hope so with the first elements revealed to us, but what does James Cameron mean?

What does James Cameron say?

The general plot of Avatar 2 was taken up (let’s say without too many details) by director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau. The latter previously stated that it is now a matter of following the original protagonist Jake Sully and his new family on Pandora. However, when an old threat reappears, Sully and his family are forced to leave their homes and explore new biomes on Pandora. The “old threat” evoked certainly implies that the GDR will return to Pandora in revenge for its initial defeat, possibly with bigger, stronger threats in hand. In a sense, the RDA will be the new Thanos.

With the movie’s plot suggesting that Sully and his family will be exploring new areas in Pandora, it’s likely that the backdrop to the resulting conflict will become increasingly dramatic. A big reason for the initial delay in the film’s release was the need to develop a new CGI technology to meet the production needs, namely underwater motion capture technology. It’s likely that viewers on Pandora will see even more diverse biomes that could provide an incredible backdrop for an endgame-like conflict between humans and the Na’vi over the fate of Pandora.

Do you think James Cameron, for your part, will create an even more epic spectacle than what we saw in Endgame? We’ll let you answer this question in our comment area! And if you want to check out Disney’s calendar to find out when certain productions like Indiana Jones, The Little Mermaid, and Avatar 2 are released, this is where you can go.

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