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This chocolate defender has gone way too far and ends up in jail

We don’t mess with traditions. One of the biggest (and useless) French debates surrounding the name ‘pain au chocolat’ or ‘chocolatine’ (as is the case in the South West) can sometimes go awry, to the point of actual arguments or even worse a jail sentence.

Fracture and displaced teeth

This is the case of a 21 year old who has just been sentenced to 4 months in prison for starting a fight in a bar in the Landes.

In fact, on July 9, 2020, at a bar in Mimizan, in the Landes, a young local man asked two northern customers if they used the term pain au chocolat or chocolatine. Unhappy with the first response, the Mimizannais then started a fight that ended for the Holidaymakers with a broken jaw, a crushed skull and multiple misplaced teeth.

“I’m stupid”

Convicted this Tuesday at the bar of the Mont de Marsan court, the young man defended himself by betting on his drunkenness: “I am stupid. I don’t know why I did that. With the group effect, alcohol and cannabis, it trained me”. Comment reported by Sud-Ouest.

We let you answer this survey and view the map of France where the terms are listed. Whatever the name, the famous French pastry was not to leave fond memories for Claude de Koh-Lanta.


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