This champion changes his name after Blizzard’s problems with the justice system


Last July, the state of California sued Blizzard. Constant sexual harassment, touching, commenting, and advances related to a certain “corporate culture,” complaints that forced Blizzard to clean up internally. In addition to its problematic elements, the American publisher now has to get rid of the difficulties of the game, starting in particular with the name change of one of the characters.

a character will change its name

A few days after Blizzard’s lawsuit, the team responsible for World of Warcraft wanted to speak on Twitter and explain that a change would take place in Azeroth. Characters would disappear or be renamed, the latter being named after Blizzard employees who were affected by the complaint. A first summer cleaning that can now be found on the Overwatch website. Blizzard’s FPS, which unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired, will also change. At the request of many fans eager to rid the game of unfortunate clues, the developers will change the name of one of the characters in the list.

In a long message on Twitter, the Overwatch team introduced the character whose name would be changed. Those who followed the case suspect exactly, but it is the character of Jesse McCree that is being targeted. Named after a designer targeted by the case, McCree is set to change its name shortly.

A message from the Overwatch team.

August 26, 2021

“We built the Overwatch universe around the idea that inclusivity, fairness and hope are the building blocks of a better future. As we continue to discuss how we can best live our lives. Values ​​and our commitment to To demonstrate the creation of a game world that “reflects, we believe there is a need to change the name of the hero currently known as McCree to one that better represents Overwatch. In-game characters will no longer be named after actual employees and we’ll be more thoughtful before adding real world references in future Overwatch content. “

Blizzard had to respond to the complaint from the State of California. Jesse McCree, who was working on Diablo IV at the time, took the opportunity to leave the studio. From then on, the Overwatch community requested the character’s name change. A petition has even surfaced, while competitive casters have even decided not to reveal his name. A welcome change that should be made in the more or less near future.

And that last-minute change is bad for good reason: Blizzard had big narrative content planned for Overwatch, with McCree in the foreground. Suffice it to say that the teams now need to remove any mention of this name in the game, starting with the many dialogs in which it can be found. It remains to be seen how the character of Jesse McCree, Overwatch’s official cowboy, will be renamed. Reply in a future press release. Let us know your ideas for a new name for this character through the comments section.