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this bisexual cult figure? The debate is raging on the Internet

The manga My Hero Academia, launched in 2014, will continue to be published with its chapters over time. While some hold on to the events visible in the anime, of which the fifth is currently being broadcast, others go to the source, namely the pages signed by the mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi. And after the events of Chapter 321, quite a few fans raised their eyebrows as a character there seems to share his bisexuality.

An openly bisexual character in my hero academy?

My Hero Academia consists of a number of more or less important characters, more or less charismatic and above all with more or less complex personality. So far nothing unusual for a Shonen. But in the recently published Manga Chapter 321, readers hungry for new things were catered for. And for good reason, a character seems to reveal himself to be bisexual, a first in My Hero Academia. While many Internet users are happy that the LGBTQIA + community is represented there, their enthusiasm has turned slightly to disappointment at the sight of this figure.

Despite the swarm of characters in My Hero Academia, the mangaka actually has its sights set on one of the most controversial characters. A character struggling to be valued, blaming a personality to say the least. At a moment when Class 1-A is trying to persuade Izuku to return to their own, the character in question is expressing his feelings. A frank speech in which he explains that it is not his strength that makes him irresistible, but his fragility.

“I fell in love with you when you were scared, sweating profusely and shaking in your boots.” A statement from Minoru Mineta, the little boy with the purple hair made of round balls. And yes, you don’t dream Mineta could very well be the bisexual character of My Hero Academia. Why ? Well, in the original version of the manga, the character used the term “惚 れ る”, which means “to fall in love” in French. A term used mostly in a romantic context in Japan, and in rare cases in a platonic way, to share his admiration. It is therefore difficult to say whether Mineta is actually in love with Izuku, or whether it is simply her admiration for her that he shares so eagerly.

# BNHA spoiler

August 2, 2021

“Wow, I never thought Mineta would use the word 惚 れ る (” fall in love “) when talking about Deku, but that’s a pretty cool character development.”

An uncertainty that didn’t stop fans of the manga from reacting violently to this possible announcement:

Gays pray that Mineta was bisexual was a mistranslation pic.twitter.com/bKlPjpsrgW

August 2, 2021

“The gays who pray that the bisexual Mineta is a translation mistake.”

bi ppl if they are represented but it is with mineta pic.twitter.com/Kdhfh0q1lo

August 1, 2021

“Bi people when they’re represented, but it’s with Mineta.”

Bisexuals go back to Mineta’s closet pic.twitter.com/pyNaSiupWN

August 2, 2021

“Bisexuals Who Go Back In The Closet About Mineta”

Bisexuality leaves my body after finding out that Mineta pic.twitter.com/aV8RWylr48

August 2, 2021

“The bisexuality that leaves my body after I found out that Mineta is bisexual.”

Bisexuals after Mineta was confirmed bi pic.twitter.com/swp91jxcJd

August 1, 2021

“Bisexuals after Mineta was confirmed as bi”

I’m losing my goddamn mind I can’t believe they made mineta bi pic.twitter.com/POkEWKHbyz

August 2, 2021

“I’m going crazy … I can’t believe they turned Mineta into a bi character”

mineta can’t be bi, please I can’t handle it pic.twitter.com/TRpGl4gwte

August 1, 2021

“Mineta can’t be bi, please, I won’t take it”

Kōhei Horikoshi should finally create clarity in the next chapters, unless the mangaka decides to let the readers of their interpretation run free. However, a simple term translated into multiple languages ​​can generate a lot of ink, especially on social networks. For your part, do you want Horikoshi to turn Mineta into an openly bisexual character? Don’t hesitate to reply to us using the poll and comments section below.


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