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This beautiful exact replica of the Poké Ball won’t make you throw it

For several decades, the Pokémon saga has been teaching little blond heads to catch the 898 creatures in their universe. To make this happen, these budding trainers have Poké Balls, technical gems that hopefully and painlessly capture Pokémon. To seduce budding collectors, The Pokémon Company has just unveiled an exact replica of its famous Pokéball with a little onion finish.

a life-size Poké Ball

This life-size replica of the Poké Ball was announced by The Wand Company and features proximity sensors that allow the main button to light up when activated. The color can be changed at will if this alluring item benefits from a collector’s number. This Poké Ball comes in a steel case and will be launched on the occasion of Pokémon Day on February 27, 2021.

This Poké Ball will not be the only model available as the Superball, Hyperball and Honor Ball will also be available for purchase. And no, no Honor Ball is offered when purchasing five Poké Balls. A collector’s item that is not intended to be put on the market, especially since its price is around one hundred euros.

A Poké Ball that is already listed on Amazon and that you can purchase for launch next February. Stocks appear to have run out, but it remains to be seen whether further pre-orders can be expected. However, you can fall back on the other advertised balls when they are available.


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