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this athlete competes in the Olympics and ends up with a frozen penis

It’s hard to miss the information unless you live in a cave: Beijing, China has hosted the Olympics for the last two weeks. But since you probably already know the results of the various competitions if you’ve been following the news, you might never have heard of any other spooky story.

The end of the 2022 Winter Olympics

Although not as popular as the “traditional” Olympics, the Winter Olympics are also held every four years and last about two weeks. This year, it was the Chinese capital of Beijing that hosted the various competitions from February 4th to 20th. For its part, France, despite its medals, has only partially shone, being only tenth country overall. It’s still better than Finland, which only finished 16th overall.

With only eight medals, the country has not left an indelible memory of these Winter Olympics. A disappointment, one imagines, for the many athletes who have prepared for four years. But it’s certainly not that failure that will be remembered for Remi Lindholm, the Finnish cross-country skier who only finished 28th in his event. No, he’ll probably remember the pain, but also the happiness of keeping his penis after it froze in the middle of a race.

immense pain and a cauldron of life

The cross-country event on Saturday, February 19 was particularly difficult for many athletes. The temperatures were particularly cool, down to -20°. A difficulty to which athletes are accustomed, but which does not prevent them from living the situation badly. While the event was shortened from 50km to 30km due to a fierce icy wind, Finn Remi Lindholm was the hardest hit by the weather conditions as he said at the end of his race: “You can imagine what was frozen when I crossed the finish line crossed”. Spoilers: He was talking about his penis.

The pain was so “excruciating” that it was obviously disabling. In addition to 28th place, he therefore had to deal with extreme pain, which would have increased after the end of the race and after his limbs had warmed up again. Luckily, an old grandmother’s recipe allowed him to recover from this bad adventure: using a kettle. So it seems that Remi Lindholm has no consequences, he was hot (or not).

And if you feel sorry for the guy, you know that happened to him last year at a race in Ruka, in his home country. If it doesn’t want…


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