This artist transforms her console into a Japanese-inspired work of art

It’s not uncommon for us to reveal pretty creations from fans related to games. But this one is simply sublime. A Canadian artist used her Nintendo Switch as a medium to express all of her creativity.

A Nintendo Switch inspired by Japanese folklore

Carmina Castillo is an artist who is not at her first creation. The Canadian uses the internet and social networks to exhibit her art.

In the last few days, one of his artistic projects has managed to stand out from the crowd. This is an original creation made on a Nintendo Switch.

The Canadian artist then gave his hybrid console a unique rendering. To do this, she was inspired by the land of the rising sun and its traditional art.

This new design was made pretty easily. For Carmina Castillo, it was enough to use wood-style protection on the Joy-Con before applying a piece of lacquered Chiyogami paper to the back of the console.

This gives an incredible result that will make you admire the console much more than just lay your hands on it!

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