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This artist makes one crazy mask every day of delivery

While some consider wearing a mask a chore, others have chosen to have fun. The limitation is starting to get long and styling the piece of fabric has become a necessary step for some artists.

26 masks and just as many references

This is especially true for the Austrian Matthias Kretschmer, who created several stylish masks on the occasion of his second delivery. Between homages and references to pop culture, the artist manages to make fun of what still annoys everyone.

1) Joe Biden Special

2) Voldemort (Harry Potter)

3) Tribute to Diego Maradona

4) Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

5) Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

6) “No more partying”

7) “Support Small Merchants”

8) V (V for Vendetta)

9) Batman (DC Comics)

10) Hulk

11) Alice Cooper

12) The mask

13) Cousin Machin (Addams Family)

14) Hellboy

15) The Bear Bear (Masha and the Bear)

16) Maria (metropolis)

17) “I’m Afraid of the News”

1) Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

19) dairy cow

20) the Grinch

21) Wolverine (X-Men)

22) Asterix (Asterix and Obelix)

23) Bane (Batman)

24) servants

25) Homer (The Simpsons)

26) Homage to the Vienna attack


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