This artist imagines what these 50 Pokémon would look like if they were humans

What would Pokémon look like if they were humans? If you have ever asked yourself the question, today we give you the answer thanks to the drawings by artist Lady Endifi.

50 Pokémon turned into humans

Pokémon entered our lives over 20 years ago. Nintendo’s little monsters have seen a lot of adjustments and are about to see more. Her many adventures inspire different artists. Today we present you the creations of Chey, also known as Endifi or Frosty. This freelance artist suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta which forces her to use a wheelchair. She can’t walk, but she loves to draw. She therefore spends her time making new creations. One of her favorite subjects is Pokémon, and she has had fun imagining them if they were human for a while. A great work that we want you to discover immediately. Find out what these 50 Generation 1 and 2 Pokémon would look like if they were humans.

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1) Mental

2) Noctali

3) Bulbasaur

4) Charmander

5) Reptincel

6) gate tank

7) Caiminus

8) Stari

9) Macronium

10) Germignon

11) Lokhlass

12) Snorlax

13) Leviator

14) Aligator

15) Feurisson

16) Kabuto

17) Qulbutoke

18) Aquali

19) Grolem

20) Voltali

21) Unknown

22) Pikachu

23) Otaria

24) Kicklee

25) Aeromite

26) Amonita

27) Doduo

28) onyx

29) spectrum

30) Voltorb

31) Squirtle

32) Abra

33) Excelangue

34) Charizard

35) Herbizarre

36) Joliflor

37) Dragonite

38) Rafflesia

39) Eevee

40) Metamorph

41) gallop

42) kangaroo

43) Typhlosion

44) Florizarre

45) Noad Koko

46) Hericendre

47) Carabaffe

48) Magikarp

49) Empiflor

50) rhinoceros

If there’s more to discover, visit the artist’s Instagram account.

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