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this artist imagines what Ghibli’s world map might look like and it’s magical

Studio Ghibli has been delighting young and old alike with absolutely magical creations since the 80s. Increasingly dreamlike universes that have left their mark on the world of Japanese animation. To pay homage to them and try to see more clearly, a Russian artist has imagined what Ghibli’s world map might look like.

a world map that makes you dream

Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, movies you must have now. Universes conceived by the talented artists of the Ghibli studios that transport us to unforgettable environments. Real windows that open onto universes inspired by corners of our reality, letting us travel according to the studio’s still well-crafted narrative. But to give it a little more meaning, and more importantly to see how these films might tie together, an artist decided to create a world map of the Ghibli films.

Yulya Shironina lives in Saint Petersburg and is passionate about Studio Ghibli creations. In their honor and for a purely personal and playful project, the young woman has recreated the world map of these films from scratch. So the movies Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke or even Spirited Away would take place on the same piece of land. So that we can see it even more clearly and we don’t have to squint to see all the details, the artist has enlarged and detailed each area. Creations that you can discover right below, or more generally on the Behance website where they were published.

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