This artist creates stunning hyper-realistic portraits with colored pencils

There are many artists on social networks who share their work, especially to reveal portraits of celebrities and other fictional characters, which are always very realistic.

We have already introduced you to this type of portrait on Hitek. You may remember the Argentine artist Nestor Canavarro or the Brazilian Sheila R. Giovanni, who portrayed with colored pencils. The drawings are so realistic that it sometimes takes a while before we tell ourselves that it is not a photo.

60 to 80 hours of work per drawing

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Today we’re introducing artist Shaun Mckenzie, known on social media as Neeyellow Art. The latter also produces hyper-realistic portraits armed with his colored pencils. In general, it takes inspiration from celebrities, YouTubers, and fictional characters. It takes an average of 60 to 80 hours per drawing.

The little extra: Shaun Mckenzie has a YouTube channel on which he publishes the phases of his portraits. We invite you to discover some of his creations below.


Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Jack Roper

Jim Carrey

Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

Jazza, Josiah Alan Brooks

Vsauce, Michael Stevens

Daniel Radcliffe

Markiplier, Mark Fischbach

Older man


Rupert Grint

Scarlett Johansson

Shane Dawson

Duncan Pain

Philip DeFranco

Hank green

Paul Walker


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