This artificial intelligence imagined realistic versions of 21 famous people

We are all familiar with certain filters that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make us look older, younger, or even transform ourselves into a person of the opposite sex. Recently, an artist named Toyboyfan even managed to make 15 Disney characters realistic using the same concept. In our particular case, an artist named Nathan Shipley used this new technology to bring characters to life in famous paintings or our favorite cartoons. The artist likes to focus on sketches or faces known to the public to bring them to life, with a realistic aspect that is very pleasant. On his website, Nathan says:

I am a technical director, creative technologist, visual effects supervisor, and animated graphic designer with over a decade of experience. I am currently researching the interface between art and AI.

These words arouse our curiosity and we invite you to discover 21 of his most beautiful works in order to form your own opinion on the subject:

# 1 Elastigirl the Incredibles

# 2 Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

# 3 Rembrandt – Rembrandt with his mouth open (engraving)

# 4 Rembrandt – Rembrandt with gaunt eyes, self-portrait (engraving)

# 5 Rembrandt – self-portrait (painting)

# 6 Miguel in Coco

# 7 Benjamin Franklin (with a very nice earring)

# 8 Frida Kahlo

# 9 Diego Rivera – self-portrait

# 10 Rembrandt – Rembrandt with three mustaches (engraving)

# 11 Winston Deavor in The Incredibles

# 12 George Washington

# 13 Lord indestructible

# 14 Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa

# 15 Lil Miquela (virtual character created in 2016 with 3D imaging software)

# 16 Andrew Jackson

# 17 Arrow Parr (or Dashiel Robert “Dash” Parr) from The Incredibles

# 18 Ulysses S. Grant

# 19 Russell in Up there film

# 20 Diego Rivera – Self-Portrait in Drawing

# 21 Rembrandt – bust of a young man

If you liked this artist’s work, you can follow him on his Instagram account.

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